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Not much time has been spent thus far to produce some good-looking demos for XEngine. And although it is of utmost importance to demonstrate the power of a good engine with good-looking screenshots, the images on this page will have to do for now. Please bear in mind that programmer art is a terrible, terrible thing :)

Render to Texture

This screenshot shows the RenderToTexture2D sample of XEngine. First a moving quad is rendered into a 2D texture, which then gets multi-textured on the moving cube.

Bump Mapping

This screenshot shows the EarthBump demo of XEngine which is a port of a similar demo in NVIDIA's effects browser.

Environment Cube Mapping

Here you can see environment cube mapping in action. The two cubes move around the sphere and are dynamically reflected in it. Also the skybox surrounding the entire scene is reflected in the sphere.
With XEngine's simple interface for using render-to-texture, writing something like this is really very easy.

Fresnel Effect

This is the same sample application as above. But now in addition to computing reflection refraction with chromatic dispersion is also computed.

Cg Vertex Shader

This is a screenshot of the Cg vertex shader sample. A Cg vertex shader is used to dynamically change the vertex colors of the rotating cube. Handling Cg vertex shaders in XEngine is no different than using NV_vertex_program or a DirectX shader. Whatever shading language you decide to use, the handling with XEngine is the same. Also note that you do not necessarily need to link with the NVIDIA Cg runtime to use Cg shaders. XEngine comes with its own, built-in Cg runtime that only requires the Cg compiler executable.


This screenshot shows a flag blowing in the wind. The wind is simulated using a Cg vertex shader that changes the z co-ordinates of the grid mesh vertices. It's really very simple, but it looks quite nice.

3DS Model Loader

This is a 3D model of Ike from the series South Park loaded from a 3DS file with the the corresponding model loader class.

MD2 Model Loader

This is an animated MD2 model loaded from a file. The image shows a number of animation keyframes of the model.

Fixed-Function Fragment Shading

This composed image shows various shots of the Simple2 sample application of XEngineCore. A decal texture and a 1-dimensional pattern texture are blended together using the fixed-function fragment shading language of XEngine which is used to program (or better, configure) the fixed-function texture blending stages.

Volume Texture

This not really very exciting image shows the volume texture sample of XEngineCore. It's a port of the corresponding Direct3D sample to XEngine. A volume texture is filled with random colors and the texture coordinates used to address the texture are changed each frame creating a pulsating effect.

Projective Texture Mapping

This is a screenshot of the ProjectedTexture1 and ProjectedTexture2 samples. Both samples project the smiley texture onto the scene using projective texture mapping. As you can see, the texture is not only visible on the back wall but also on the boxes in the middle of the room. The ProjectedTexture1 requires only one texture sampler stage and achieves the effect by using multipass rendering, whereas the ProjectedTexture2 sample requires two texture sampler stages and achieves the effect by using multitexturing.

Height Map

This screenshot shows the HeightMap sample which reads a height map image and constructs the terrain geometry from it. The water is animated by a vertex shader and using different caustic textures.

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