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There are no downloads available at the moment, since there haven't been any project releases. Please visit the SourceForge project homepage where you can browse Subversion online. Anonymous Subversion access is also possible.

People have asked why there haven't been any project releases yet. The reason is simple. XEngine is still in alpha phase of development and even though it has matured quite a bit it is IMO not yet mature and tested enough for a public beta release. Additionally, not having any project releases of alpha versions keeps the noise down on the forums and only developers who are really interested in the project (and aware of the risks of using alpha versions) will get the sources from CVS.

Additional Files

XEngineUtil uses the FFTW library in its FFT-based waves tile class. Since FFTW, by default, does not come with MSVC 7.1 build files you can download a Visual Studio project file here. Extract all the files in the archive into the main FFTW directory and build the project as usual in Visual Studio. Note that the project does not build the files for SSE support. You can manually add these files to the project to build an SSE version of the library. Also note that XEngineUtil requires FFTW to be built in single precision and not double precision, which is the default.

Older versions of XEngine used a couple of flex++-generated lexers and bison++-generated parsers. If you want to regenerate the source and header files of theses lexers and parsers for some reason, you'll need flex++ and bison++.
Since most systems don't come with flex++ and bison++ and especially the latter is hard to find in the version required by XEngine (most Linux distributions have symbolic links for flex++ and bison++, but they link to the regular versions of flex and bison which will _not_ work), you can download both programs here. The archives contain the original source distribution, documentation, a source tree slightly modified by me with Visual C++ 6.0 project files, and a Windows command line executable.
Again note that the current version of XEngine no longer requires these utilities as it uses the Spirit parser generator library which allows the construction of parsers in C++.

April 10, 2006
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