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The XEngine source code is documented using the excellent tool doxygen.
Click here to browse the API reference.
You can also download a compiled HTML file that contains the entire documentation. Note that this file can be viewed on any Windows and on Linux using e.g. KchmViewer.

You can also download and read a couple of papers that present an introduction to programmable graphics pipelines and shaders, describe the engine's design and implementation, and discuss the programming guidelines used in the XEngine source code:

The System Design and Implementation document is a bit outdated at the moment. Although the basic engine structure has not changed much from what is described in that document, a lot of small details have changed. It is nevertheless an interesting read when you start out with the engine as it explains some of the basic concepts of the engine. The document also describes most of the conventions used throughout the engine, such as the layout of vectors and matrices and the various coordinate systems used, which have not changed.

April 10, 2006
CVS Migrated to Subversion
June 05, 2005
Upgraded to wxWidgets 2.6.1 and Boost 1.33.0
December 02, 2004
CVS Stable Again
November 25, 2004
CVS Instable for a Few Days
November 14, 2004
ARB_fragment_program Parser and Other Changes
July 16, 2004
XEngine Announcements Mailing List
June 20, 2004
New PixelFormat Class
April 25, 2004
Update to wxWidgets 2.5.1 and Point Parameters